1. Osaka nights got me feelin’ some typa way~ #illustration #trustissues

  2. Today was my last day at the Tokyo Art Book Fair!!! Thanks to everyone who bought stuff from SAZ and myself!! I’m so happy to have gotten to know some very talented Tokyo artists ! I’ll miss you guyss keep in touch πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

  3. I’m almost ready for you @zinesmate !! Doing some last min preparations~ see you in a few hours!!! : )

  4. Ok disclaimer: super weird angles of my sausage fingers and I have the worst lady nails BUT I made nail decals *yay* which I know will look better on your fine ass nails 😘 set of 60 nail decal illustrations ✨ πŸ’… #illustration #art #nails #nailart

  5. Everyday magic (I wish I had) #illustration #wip illo for my talented boo @emily_illustrates xo

  6. Summer is over but it’s mail day today #yaaaaaaaahhbaby #illustration #art #etsy

  7. Zines for dayz ~ excited to bring 30+ artists to this years Tokyo Art Book Fair!!! I’ll be there on the 19th and 20th of September ✨😁 check out http://smallasszines.tumblr.com for more zines! #zines #tokyo

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  8. Mister Soya
    laser engraved acrylic plastic sheets

  9. Finally got around to doing a mini update on my website! Take a look 😁 www.nesslee.com ! #illustration #ceramics #art

  10. Sumo Sinking

  11. sinking sumo 2

  12. one of the few laser engraved acrylic pendents i made this year~ Sumo manΒ 

  13. tears and your eye ~ ceramic bowl

  14. smelly hotdog ceramic bowl : )Β 

  15. Bah ah ha na ja gah